Industry Leader & Proven Partner

Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP) is one of the country’s leading providers of high-quality compensatory mitigation for wetland, stream and species habitat impacts.

Founded in 2006, EIP is a national leader in large-scale mitigation banking—helping to balance economic development with environmental responsibility. We generate mitigation credits by acquiring, restoring and permanently protecting high-priority conservation properties across the U.S. Those credits are certified by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency and Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as state agencies—then “banked” in a pre-approved pool and purchased from EIP by project developers to offset unavoidable, permitted ecological impacts.

Ecological Restoration Generates Credits
Credits certified by agencies and “banked”
Credits sold to mitigate permitted ecological impacts

Dependable Mitigation Partner

Year Track Record
Mitigation Banks
Acres in Eight States
Acres of Wetlands Restored
Acres of Wetland Restoration Underway
Linear Feet (41 Miles) of Streams Restored
Linear Feet (29 Miles) of Stream Restoration Underway
Credits Generated
Permits Serviced

High-Quality Offsets

EIP is committed to completing our restoration initiatives according to the highest possible standards. To ensure we meet this commitment, we are hands-on throughout the process—actively restoring mitigation banks and then operating and selling credits from each one.

Deep Experience & Local Expertise

Our veteran professional team brings extensive experience in mitigation including environmental permitting, site design and restoration, regulatory relations and mitigation credit markets. Meeting the highest quality standards often requires specialized regional experience, so we supplement our core team’s expertise by partnering with established and proven firms with local knowledge in: 

• Land management and stewardship
• Environmental engineering
• Regulatory permitting
• Site design
• Ecological restoration

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