Accelerate & Simplify Compliance

Purchasing credits from an Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP) mitigation bank offers several important advantages for your project.

When environmental permit regulations require you to offset unavoidable impacts from development projects, EIP offers you more than high-quality compensatory mitigation. Credits generated through conservation and restoration at our mitigation banks nationwide make your regulatory compliance simple, fast and cost-effective. If you’re an environmental consultant who works with developers, mitigation credits from EIP can help you promote long-term client retention for the same reasons.

Mitigation bank credits can reduce time-to-permit by
Source: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Clean Water Act national permit data

How Mitigation Banks Work

EIP Restores Mitigation Banks
Certified EIP Mitigation Credits
Mitigation Credits Used to Offset Unavoidable Impacts

A mitigation bank (1) is an ecologically significant but degraded wetland, stream or habitat area that EIP restores to a healthy, functioning ecosystem. In return, EIP’s restoration work is certified by regulatory agencies including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency and Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as state agencies. These regulators issue and certify credits to EIP, which are then “banked” and purchased by project developers.

Project developers seeking to offset (i.e., mitigate for) permitted, unavoidable impacts to wetlands, streams and habitat areas can use EIP’s mitigation credits to permanently satisfy mitigation compliance under a variety of regulations including Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, Sections 7 and 10 of the Endangered Species Act, and state guidelines. These regulations offer permittees three ways to meet permit mitigation requirements, which the federal 2008 Mitigation Rule (2) ranks as follows according to agency preference:

• Outsourcing mitigation to a third party by purchasing mitigation bank credits
• Payment into a public in lieu fee program
• Do-it-yourself permittee-responsible mitigation

Mitigation bank credits are not only preferred by agencies, but offer project developers a host of other benefits.

Advantages of EIP Mitigation Credits

Cost Effective
Our large mitigation banks achieve economies of scale, reducing our cost per credit.
Eliminates Up-Front Costs
You incur costs only upon credit delivery.
Provides Budget Certainty
Pricing is predictable, and credits are a one-time purchase.
Accelerates Time-to-Permit
Mitigation banks are already approved, reducing permit review time.
Releases You from Liability
EIP assumes all responsibility for performance, including 10+ years of monitoring, maintenance and reporting requirements.
Can Reduce Your Credit Need
There is no loss of aquatic resource or habitat function, which many regulatory authorities penalize in calculating credit requirements.
Preferred by Regulators
Per federal regulation, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and EPA favor mitigation banking for compensatory mitigation.
Performance Certainty
Full delivery contracting where payment is associated with the successful achievement of milestones means that you have the certainty that your restoration requirements will be met completely.

To purchase mitigation credits contact our Minnesota Representative at:
Steve Gilbertson